Friday, June 25, 2010

a flooded market can still be profitable

Vanity item ritual of the new moon is something I recently acquired on my scribbler. Its a pretty cool little shapeshift and sells fairly well for me, but recently since a jmtc post has picked up speed about it I've noticed a large amount of competition has sent me to the streets to peddle this lil item. What I normally do is wait till I have reloaded them on the ah with my main banker then I log into my alt and sell them for 125gold each,normally I will sell one or 2 this way but I have found that a lot of folks will buy them from my alt off the ah and even whisper me and say ha I got it off the ah for 100 gold. I guess the point I'm driving is this, if it ain't selling fast take half of em and spam trade. Trade will sell u an item just as fast as it can sell your ah items, just make damn sure you have the low price on the ah before u begin spamming. while this method won't work as well with say abyss crystals with vanity items like pets it seems to be the only way to move them on a mid-low pop server.

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