Sunday, October 17, 2010

10k away

Well after the glyph explosion I am now 10k away from breaking 100k!

Hopefully I can do it before blizzcon.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

up and down and all around

Few days gone by and I haven't been on too much. Currently sitting at 20k in the gbank and 10k on my toons. Gonna push to hit at least 50k which shouldn't prove too hard. I intend too. Try and do a comparison of farming,ah'in and trade spam this week since I will be on during prime time... more to come l8r

Sunday, August 22, 2010

still alive

Been a minute since I popped up on here so I figured id update y'all on me. I been on autopilot and haven't had much time to grind gold or be an ah hero. That said I have still been making money and putting away a lil for cataclysm. Glyphing is still proffitable on twisting nether,though a few good competitors are out there who stay on and monitor it pretty close I'm still pulling about 6k a week give or take.

This is how... I make 5 glyphs of everything but set my threshhold to 3 glyphs then load them on the ah at my thresholds using qa3 (they are reasonable but not so low that a sale isn't mearly taking someone elses gold..) then I wait,sleep,raid,work or whatever is on my agenda. Using the mobile ah I sit back and collect the gold from work or wherever. When I see I'm down to about hhalf of these I log in and swap bags and reload the ah. Then every 2 days I recraft to restock my bags so I can basically do it all over again.

As far as getting mats to craft, I have no dedicated farmer so to get fair prices I just monitor the ah here and there from my phone and snag a couple hundred stacks when I see em cheap. I also only buy adders tongue and icethorn since the rest is junk imo. Best time to get good prices are around 4am est.

On an average week I may spend about 6-8 hours a week doing this and I always do this while watching tv or youtube. Its pretty mindless once you get it all established and once your first 5 is made the recraft list gets simpler...aka no more crafting 5 glyph of sap. The only good thing about having 5 of the "useless glyphs is when cataclysm comes out I'll be able to dump them quickly and not have to make em. Granted it may be wasted space but my glypher has nothing but inscription bags. In his bank anyway.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

added a goblin to the ranks

So my little brother started playing again,and he likes farming! With all the botters down and out this is becoming a good thing. I'm looking to give him the scroll market and split the profits with him and probobly also have him take over the tailoring work and blacksmithing end. This will leave me to do all the jc,scribbling and alchemy fun. He also has a maxed leatherworker and alchemist so together we should be able to keep our hands in just about everything.

Also since my little brother is going to college with the gi bill after returning home from afghanistan he will have more time to cover the loose ends my work makes in ah control time. A goblin collective has begun...

To make this work I am going to start fresh and have spent most of my initial money pile on shadows edge a tundra mount and swapping mining for engineering on my pally. My goal is to give him 10k and myself 10k aand race to see who will hit 100k first... may the race begin.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

24 hours of downtime

With the server down for 24 hours I am a little anxious to see what it will do for the ah. While a lot of people post 48 hour auctions, the majority of the goblins post 12 hours on markets like glyphs,gems and epics. These 3 places are where I believe the "soft resets" are going to be. The gem market from what I have seen usually doesn't have any deep undercutters using 48 hour auctions,if they did they are just throwing money away imo. I'm going to get up pretty early tommorow since I am not, cannot stay up hoping the server will be up @ 4am e.s.t.

So what have u guys been doing during the official wow break? I have been working(like always) but I did have a litle time to plan out my next moves for making some gold. Monday night was costly since I purchased a new tanking belt and deaths choice for my paladin. So I figured since I want to go ahead and get purchase the saronites to get shadows edge I may want to scrounge up about 12k more then usual to afford myself that. I have had a few ideas but since I have been on an achievement kick I figured id keep that goin by soloin every dungeon up through the bc stuff and since my priest (shadowy type) can de I figured the mats should be a good place to start. Aside from the random other junk like cloth and boe's a few long runs should prove amusing and grab me a bit of capitol to finance the new toy.

Another thing I am slowly learning is people who raid and pvp a lot will never get rich as fast as the devoted goblins will. But all in all I am maintaining and gaining at a decent rate,if only I could stay outta gdkp runs...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

bad days in irl slow week in wow..

Well wifes alternator went up yesterday annd work has overall not a bad week got a few upgrades on my priest, and ended the week with 56k gold. For the week I didn't make a lot of moves since the market was iffy to say the least. I did manage to pick up 40 frozen orbs for 400 gold which I plan on makin into eternal life for soome cards for the upcoming darkmoon faire. I'll write more about my plans of attack for this week when I get home from work.

Friday, June 25, 2010

a flooded market can still be profitable

Vanity item ritual of the new moon is something I recently acquired on my scribbler. Its a pretty cool little shapeshift and sells fairly well for me, but recently since a jmtc post has picked up speed about it I've noticed a large amount of competition has sent me to the streets to peddle this lil item. What I normally do is wait till I have reloaded them on the ah with my main banker then I log into my alt and sell them for 125gold each,normally I will sell one or 2 this way but I have found that a lot of folks will buy them from my alt off the ah and even whisper me and say ha I got it off the ah for 100 gold. I guess the point I'm driving is this, if it ain't selling fast take half of em and spam trade. Trade will sell u an item just as fast as it can sell your ah items, just make damn sure you have the low price on the ah before u begin spamming. while this method won't work as well with say abyss crystals with vanity items like pets it seems to be the only way to move them on a mid-low pop server.