Tuesday, June 29, 2010

24 hours of downtime

With the server down for 24 hours I am a little anxious to see what it will do for the ah. While a lot of people post 48 hour auctions, the majority of the goblins post 12 hours on markets like glyphs,gems and epics. These 3 places are where I believe the "soft resets" are going to be. The gem market from what I have seen usually doesn't have any deep undercutters using 48 hour auctions,if they did they are just throwing money away imo. I'm going to get up pretty early tommorow since I am not, cannot stay up hoping the server will be up @ 4am e.s.t.

So what have u guys been doing during the official wow break? I have been working(like always) but I did have a litle time to plan out my next moves for making some gold. Monday night was costly since I purchased a new tanking belt and deaths choice for my paladin. So I figured since I want to go ahead and get purchase the saronites to get shadows edge I may want to scrounge up about 12k more then usual to afford myself that. I have had a few ideas but since I have been on an achievement kick I figured id keep that goin by soloin every dungeon up through the bc stuff and since my priest (shadowy type) can de I figured the mats should be a good place to start. Aside from the random other junk like cloth and boe's a few long runs should prove amusing and grab me a bit of capitol to finance the new toy.

Another thing I am slowly learning is people who raid and pvp a lot will never get rich as fast as the devoted goblins will. But all in all I am maintaining and gaining at a decent rate,if only I could stay outta gdkp runs...

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