Saturday, July 3, 2010

added a goblin to the ranks

So my little brother started playing again,and he likes farming! With all the botters down and out this is becoming a good thing. I'm looking to give him the scroll market and split the profits with him and probobly also have him take over the tailoring work and blacksmithing end. This will leave me to do all the jc,scribbling and alchemy fun. He also has a maxed leatherworker and alchemist so together we should be able to keep our hands in just about everything.

Also since my little brother is going to college with the gi bill after returning home from afghanistan he will have more time to cover the loose ends my work makes in ah control time. A goblin collective has begun...

To make this work I am going to start fresh and have spent most of my initial money pile on shadows edge a tundra mount and swapping mining for engineering on my pally. My goal is to give him 10k and myself 10k aand race to see who will hit 100k first... may the race begin.


  1. Can't find your email address or contact info...

    I am going to be featuring a post on my blog about new goldblogs that are sprouting up and would liek to include you. Please contact me thru my page and please subscribe / link if you like my writings.
    Cold's Gold Factory

  2. August and the latter part of july were a bit busy irl... rl boss hits hardest lol. But I'm alive and well. Also sent you an email to confirm my still. Bein around.