Tuesday, June 22, 2010

lose weight and raid too!!

Thought id throw this pic out here to give yall a laugh. About 2 months ago I decided that 197 pounds was a little bit too much to carry around all the time. The few restrictions I ran into though were I wanted to raid and play the ah so going for a bike ride wouldn't work on most nights. So after a trip to ikea I took my good old exercise bike and made the "Bike desk"... i have lost 27 pounds so far without changing my terrible diet yet, but once I drop a few more pounds it may have to adjust a little.

im still in the process of making the last modifications to the sides where my keyboard and mouse sit but for now the tray tables are doing the trick!


  1. yo man, a friend pointed me to this. I'm doing the same thing!! Lost 45 lbs last year playing Fallout 3 and Far Cry 2 :)

    We call it The Funcycle

  2. Yeah I love it too! Definately gotta modify it a bit and repost pics.