Tuesday, June 22, 2010

mercenary gdkp= faster toc 25s???

Merecnary gdkps.... this came up the other day so I figured id give a shot at the guys explanation and see the thoughts on this. Used for toc25 a mercenary gdkp is where the loot is grabbed from boss to boss and held hostage till the end of the run. Given the 2hour cooldown on trade availability this could probobly be done. Wing to wing in icc as well... I plan to try this Thursday afternoon on my pally and I'll comment more on it then. My questions or thoughts on this are simple, is there a downside to holding loot? If u do all the big ticket items first will it leave a new reason to buy that small upgrade since u know that your gonna be getting (x)amount of gold already??? Also the speed of the run should make it a more popular option and incline people to stay. Picture that hunter or dk who may afk after deaths choice is auctioned off he will finish the raid if he can't bid till anub dies right? We'll see...

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