Sunday, August 22, 2010

still alive

Been a minute since I popped up on here so I figured id update y'all on me. I been on autopilot and haven't had much time to grind gold or be an ah hero. That said I have still been making money and putting away a lil for cataclysm. Glyphing is still proffitable on twisting nether,though a few good competitors are out there who stay on and monitor it pretty close I'm still pulling about 6k a week give or take.

This is how... I make 5 glyphs of everything but set my threshhold to 3 glyphs then load them on the ah at my thresholds using qa3 (they are reasonable but not so low that a sale isn't mearly taking someone elses gold..) then I wait,sleep,raid,work or whatever is on my agenda. Using the mobile ah I sit back and collect the gold from work or wherever. When I see I'm down to about hhalf of these I log in and swap bags and reload the ah. Then every 2 days I recraft to restock my bags so I can basically do it all over again.

As far as getting mats to craft, I have no dedicated farmer so to get fair prices I just monitor the ah here and there from my phone and snag a couple hundred stacks when I see em cheap. I also only buy adders tongue and icethorn since the rest is junk imo. Best time to get good prices are around 4am est.

On an average week I may spend about 6-8 hours a week doing this and I always do this while watching tv or youtube. Its pretty mindless once you get it all established and once your first 5 is made the recraft list gets simpler...aka no more crafting 5 glyph of sap. The only good thing about having 5 of the "useless glyphs is when cataclysm comes out I'll be able to dump them quickly and not have to make em. Granted it may be wasted space but my glypher has nothing but inscription bags. In his bank anyway.

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